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Tesla's Innovational Technologies | Scientific proof of the dangers of EMFs and 5G

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and other radiation sources

There is increasing scientific and medical evidence that 5G and other human-created EMFs are dangerous to humans, as well as to other animal life.

Here is a list of scientifically verified harmful effects of 5G and other human-created EMFs...


  • cancer
  • tumours

  • brain tumours
  • brain damage
  • alters microRNA expression in the brain
  • cognitive impairment
  • affects brain wave patterns
  • increases blood-brain permeability
  • Alzheimers
  • autism

  • DNA Damage
  • gene expression changes
  • chromosome aberrations


  • arrhythmias
  • high blood pressure
  • cardiovascular alterations


  • central nervous system alterations
  • thyroid damage, thyroid cell death, and hypothyroidism
  • liver and kidney cell damage
  • salivary gland tumors
  • glandular changes and disruptions
  • auditory dysfunction
  • tinnitus
  • nasal septal mucosa damage
  • blood cell deaths
  • adverse effects on pituitary-adrenal gland axis
  • raised risks of glioma (tumours)
  • activation of Epstein-Barr virus in lymphoid cells


  • sperm damage and reduced sperm quality
  • reproductive pattern disruptions
  • infertility


  • oxidative cellular damage
  • impairment in cell oxidation-reduction equilibrium within the growing cells


  • damage to embryos
  • childhood hyperactivity and emotional problems
  • adversely affects neural development and behaviour
  • short-term memory adversely affected in school students
  • behavioural problems in small children


  • sleep disruptions
  • disrupts Circadian rhythms


  • memory deficits


  • clinical electrohypersensitivity
  • headaches, migraine
  • fatigue
  • skin conditions

And here is a list of the sources... note that there are not 10s, not 100s, but literally 1000s of peer-reviewed, published studies that verify that EMFs, including 5G, are dangerous to us.

In the face of this, nobody can claim that 5G and other human-created EMFs are safe! Don't believe the lies!

Please note that, contrary to what Telcos and 5G proponents will throw at us to defend 5G and EMF safety, studies that show "no effect" are not refutations of peer-reviewed studies that show harm, nor are they safety studies. They will play this clever game with us until we call them out.

Let's see proper, independent, peer-reviewed safety studies. And if they want to argue with the science that shows harm, let them refute each study using independent research, which involves replicating the original studies and proving that these were flawed. To date, we have seen very little of this.

What Can We Do?

All of this is very disturbing, of course. What can we do about it? We cannot change the roll-out of 5G. It's a done deal. We cannot control governments, regulatory bodies, and industries with vested interests who are all in bed with each other. Money and power rule. Even in the scientific world.

Moreover, Telcos are bigger and more powerful even than Big Pharma, and we know what kind of shenanigans Big Pharma gets up to. For example, Bayer/Monsanto has just settled a multi-billion dollar lawsuit in the USA in relation to glyphosate (RoundUp). Total global revenue of Big Pharma in 2019 was 1.25 trillion USD. Total global revenue of only cell/mobile phones will be 1.2 trillion USD in 2020 not including all other devices using telecommunications, such as computers, SMART technology, and the Internet of Things (IOT), the latter of which is exploding exponentially.

In short, we cannot control criminals with the intent to profit from us without any concern for our safety or well-being.

What we can control is ourselves. We can take proper steps to protect ourselves against 5G and other human-created EMR/EMFs. We can take steps to protect ourselves from 5G-related pathogens that would otherwise create debilitating conditions in us. And, in all this, we can then be able to use 5G and all the other miracles of modern technology SAFELY.

That is what Tesla's Technology is about.

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