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Tesla's Innovational Technologies | What's it all about?

and other radiation sources
what you can do about it...

Tesla’s Innovational Technologies was started as an answer to the dangers of human-created electromagnetic radiation (EMR or EMF). This includes harmful radiation emitted by phones, computers, microwaves, radar, wifi, household electricity, high-tension power lines, and more, as well as natural underground ley lines causing geopathic stress.

Most recently, this includes 5G, which is the most under-tested yet highly-pushed technology in the world currently. There is substantial science to show that 5G is highly dangerous to humans and all other life on Earth. Yet, those promoting it are ignoring this science, even claiming it does not exist or otherwise trying to discredit it as bad science, conspiracy theories, or, even more childishly, as tin-foil-hat material.

The solution to the dangers of human-created EMR/EMF, which encompasses 5G even though this is a recent creation, was conceived by Nikola Tesla who originally created most of the technologies that emit these radiations. Telsa is widely regarded as the inventor of the modern age. For example, he created AC power, which you have in your house today, as well as the radio, wireless communications, fluorescent light, radar, and more.

Shortly before his untimely death, after which the US government stole all his work, Tesla entrusted many of his papers, including those pertaining to rendering human-created EMR/EMF safe, to his technician assistant Ralph Bergstresser. Bergstresser went on to develop these technologies to render human-created radiation biologically safe and compatible with organic life. Later, Tesla’s Innovational Technologies was entrusted with this technology and was charged with bringing it to the world.

I have been personally involved with Tesla’s Innovational Technologies, its founders, and its products for over a decade and have found the products to be genuine and effective. The technology behind the products is real and has been extensively tested and confirmed, as you will see in the presentation below, unlike other such products claiming to protect against 5G and other human-created radiation dangers.

The final judge, though, will be you. Try these products, and see how they make a difference to you. There is no risk, as we offer a 90-day 100% unconditional money-back guarantee. It’s worth it to protect yourself, your family, and your other friends and loved ones.

Please take the time to watch the presentation below. It will answer any other questions you may have about 5G dangers and about what you can do about this.

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Update: When the Scientific American magazine and The Lancet medical journal are both warning about the dangers of 5G,
we know we have a problem!

Scientific American - We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe

The Lancet - Planetary electromagnetic pollution: it is time to assess its impact

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For all the up-to-date news and information about 5G Dangers and related matters
and what we can do to protect ourselves.

Here is a transcript of the presentation, slide by slide